Jackpot Clubs & Extracurricular Activities

Our students have a variety of interests, so we invite them all to learn more about the different clubs we have to offer. Clubs and activities help students develop a sense of camaraderie and make friendships based on common interests. We encourage all Jackpot students to get involved and have some fun while they learn new skills.

Academic Olympic Team

JCS proudly participates in local and state-level Academic Olympic competitions as part of our commitment to student achievement. Each competition pits Jackpot students against others in the area and tests their knowledge of math, physical science, literature, and economics. 

AOT Schedule

Student Council



Hope Squad

National Honor Society

Get first-hand experience in the democratic process on the student council and help boost that Jaguar spirit! All students who wish to participate must meet academic qualifications and maintain good citizenship. 

Throughout the year, student council members help plan school events (like our annual dances) and fundraisers. They also manage our student-run Facebook page.

School Dances
We enjoy hosting dances for Jackpot High School students; however these dances are not public activities. Students below ninth grade are not allowed to attend high school dances.  If students wish to bring an unenrolled guest, he or she must first obtain a guest pass and agree to be held responsible for the actions of his or her guest while on school property. Adult chaperones attend all JCS dances.

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