Welcome to Jackpot Combined School

Welcome to the Jackpot Combined School, one of four combined (K–12) schools in the Elko County School District, where learning and fun go hand in hand. We are a tight-knit community of hard working, hard playing individuals who work together to bring about the academic and personal success of every kindergarten through twelfth-grade student in our care. We invite you to visit the pages on this website and learn more about us.

A Message from Our Principal

It is an honor to be the Principal at Jackpot Combined School. Over the summer, there have been many new changes that I am confident will be refreshing and create “new beginnings” at the school. One major change is we moved the fence to create the one-point entry to our building. To gain access to the building, you will need to use the doorbell. After you ring the doorbell, a staff member will greet you. If your child is late for school, they will need to go through the same process. I hope that you encourage your child to be involved in extracurricular, co-curricular, and clubs that we have available to help motivate their educational experience. Parent involvement is the key to developing a relationship within the school community. 

Please call or stop by to let us know if you would like to help in planning upcoming school events. I look forward to working with the community and providing the students with a well-rounded educational experience. Go Jaguars!!!

In Learning,

Stormi McCarthy